Coming in 2018, 4 Models. Here is a sneak preview
cpalaceRamsesRoyal Lodge Wrapperwright-bleriot

All the Micromodels USA models
on a USB thumb drive (or dvd if requested special)
An Amazing deal!

June 8th, 2015, 3 models added to our line.
Set AV-7, Boeing B-17 vs Messerschmit Me-163, ARC-15, The Bull Hotel, & The Showboat, Cotton Blossom.

AV-7 B17 ME163 cover
ARC15 coverS6cover
Trivia: In the liner notes for The Showboat Cotton Blossom, Heighway originally misspelled Mark Twain’s real name. (He added a T that didn’t belong. We kept it that way!)

January 13, 2015 , We are happy to announce a new revised MicromodelsUSA model

ARCxIIIGlobe Revised Cover
includes benches and a revised entryway and a new roof!
left view front view
Click here for a pdf of images.GlobeBuild


August 7, 2014 , We are happy to announce 2 new MicromodelsUSA models

tr2-coverS-22 Cover
Pete Watson created another beautiful model TR.2 the second set of London Trams!
And to go with S-7 The Clermont, we are happy to release Robert Fulton’s second most famous vessel, his submarine, The Nautilus.

TR-2 photo1TR-2 photo2
nautilus beta build

June 27, 2014 - We are happy to announce 6 new MicromodelsUSA models

Pete Watson created the missing locomotive set PG-6
Drummond F13 Class 4-6-0 L.S.W.R.
Teutonic Class 2-2-2-0 “Adriatic” L.N.W.R.
Jubilee Class 0-4-2 L.S.W.R

a set that was promised by Geoffrey Heighway

Only 59 years late, The last of the Maori Trilogy, The Maori Pa or Village.
A model only seen in catalog photos has been carefully re-created,
Originally promised in 1955, it was never released.

A totally new model, St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle
Highly detailed and accurate

A revised and updated version of H.M.S Victory
The original Micromodels release had several missing pieces and poor coloring
We have kept the look and feel of the original but created a more accurate model
The original was 6 cards, now it is 8 cards.

And TR-1 and S XIII
We have restored these two models to their original coloring.

Also available
2 U.S Navy PBY-5A Catalina Flying Boats
a 1941 rescue ‘Dumbo’ from Pearl Harbor
a 1943 Black Cat ‘recon’ from the Solomon Islands


Old London Phone Boxes
Two London Icons!
The MacKenzie Trench Police Box
and the
Kiosk #6 Red Phone Box
Set ARC 35

MicroModels CDs Volume 3 and 4
CDVolume 3 contains 5 models

SET S-XXII (S-22)Bushnell’s 1776 Submarine Turtle
SET ARC-XXX (ARC-30)The United Nations Building
SET ARC-VIII(ARC-8)Old London Gate, Ludgate
ARC-XXXI (ARC-31)Captain Cook’s Cottage
SET ARC-VI(ARC-6)  Old London Gate, Bridgegate

 And Volume 4 contains 6 Models.


SET ARC-XXV(ARC-25)Maori Meeting House
SET S-XV(S-15)Maori War Canoe
SET S-IV(S-4)Cutty Sark
SET S-III(S-3)HMS Amethyst
SET S-XIV(S-14)Two LifeBoats
SET O.W.Oil “Abadan Set”. Oil Well, Cracking Plant & Model Tanker

And Also A new Old Model, We are happy to Re-Release the Micromodel Set B.E.
Its a particularly outstanding model.

the Micromodels Storage Binder
The binder itself is made from Eco-Friendly Materials and 85% Recycled plastic. Inside the binder is 10 archival quality storage pages. Each page is crystal clear to allow perfect viewing and holds up to 6 micromodels (3 facing front, 3 facing back) The Binder can easily hold 60 Micromodels in a secure, easy to view layout. The archival quality plastic will help protect your models from the ravages of time. The colorful binder will look good on any book shelf, and securely snaps closed to offer even more protection.

Previous Postings:

Today we are celebrating the Centennial
of the Treaty of Waitangi!

We are just a tad bit late, though. The Treaty of Waitangi, between the United Kingdom and the Maori people was signed on February 6 1840, so the actual centennial was February 6 1940. (Hey that only makes us about 72 years late.) But here at MicromodelsUSA our un-official motto is “Better Late than Never!”)
At this point you are probably thinking we might have spent too much time inhaling fumes from our glue. But seriously this makes sense. In 1940 the Centennial was probably big news in the UK. As part of the celebrations in New Zealand many historical Măori sites were restored or rebuilt. At the site of the Treaty signing two special creations were made to honor the occasion, a new Wharenui, ("meeting house”) and a Waka Taua (“War Canoe”).
To honor this occasion Geoffrey Heighway planned to release 3 Măori Micromodels. He released one, The Maori War Canoe, and afterwards he meant to release the next two; The Maori Meeting House and the Maori Village, but he ran out of time. So 71 years late, we have taken Geoffrey Heighway’s original unpublished sketches and photos of his working models, and while leaving them as authentic as possible, we have finished them and are happy to release the newest Micromodel, Set ARC 25, The Maori Meeting House, in addition we are re-releasing the Maori War Canoe (including the liner notes and the Beach).

warcanoe_smlMaori Architecture_smallMMeetingHousecover

The Last Gate

When Geoffrey Heighway originally began to release the models of the gates of London, The liner notes included a list of the Gates. The last gate listed was Bridgegate, also known as The Traitor’s Gate, simply because of the number of traitors whose heads ended up residing on poles atop the gate. “Welcome to London! Please behave!.” Technically Geoffrey did end up creating that model, however it would be the “micro-est” of all the Micromodel gates. Bridgegate was so named because it sat atop Old London Bridge. (As in “London Bridge is Falling down”) Actually at one point the bridge and the gate did collapse and it was rebuilt.

What we have done is, created a new model of BridgeGate, trying to stay true to the other gates, Heighway designed and still encompassing enough of London Bridge to show the location of the gate. Let us know what you think.


Next up, We have finally started to release Re-Issues of Older models. We have extremely high standards for these models, they are not just scans of old models. Before we release each model we re-touch the images to make them as crisp and clean as when they were first issued. (Technically modern printers are better so we are able to eliminate halftones and moire patterns and print the models in full color. Most importantly when we publish a re-issue, it includes the liner notes and additional materials such as sails or extra cards. Many scans and reproductions of Micromodels are available and invariably they do not include the liner notes. Liner notes usually included assembly instructions or important information about the history of the model subject. You can see our models are clearly marked as produced by MicromodelsUSA, this will eliminate any confusion for collectors as to whether these models are re-issues or originals.


As you might guess, restoring these models to their original splendor takes some time, so we will slowly be adding re-issues as we finish updating them.
Check back often to see what we have added.

If you have a preference for which models you would like to see first, let us know.