We are continuing the work of Geoffrey Heighway. Bringing to life the models that he planned to release but never quite got around to. We are creating some new models he hadn't thought of yet, plus bringing back the old ones too, using new techniques or enhancing the originals!

What exactly is a Micromodel? Micromodels are card or paper models that were originally sold from the 1940's through the 1960's. Most were designed by Geoffrey Heighway. Each model was made up of several small cards illustrated with the pieces of the model, all wrapped up in a label. You could cut the pieces out and carefully assemble an intricate little three-dimensional model. Micromodels were known for the amazing details that people would add to customize their models. There were more than 100 original Micromodels of all types.

Many people still collect them.Micromodels’ famous slogan “Your Workshop in a Cigar box” still brings a smile to many people who remember building or collecting them as youngsters.